The employers
with the best Benfits 2023:

Next Gen Workplace
The employers with the best benefits

Randomized, representative online voting

Aim of the survey: To identify the fundamental interest in an employer
a) Query the specific benefits and advantages for employees and
b) Assessment of interest in employment with this employer.

Survey period: May 1st until October 1st, 2023

Interviewed age group: 16 years and older

Employer: 22

Winner: 11

Award: Winner

Persons surveyed: at least n=500 peoplen in the age group 16 to 35 years

Score based on Product interest:
Question 1: Did you know that employer Y offers (e.g. interesting jobs)?
(Skip answer: This is basically not for me)
Question 2: Which individual benefits for employees do you like? (Multiple choice)
Question3: How interesting do you find Y as an employer? (0 to 5 stars/points)

Minimum score winner (= evaluation score):
0 of 5.0 stars/points