The most interesting
Financial products & services for
the young generation 2022:

Products & Services for young people

Randomized, representative online voting

Objective of the survey: Working out the basic interest in a product/service by a) querying the specific product features and advantages and b) evaluating the interest.

Survey period: 15.02. until 15.10.2022

Interviewed age group: 16 years and older

Participating Products & Services: 21

Winner: 4th

Award: Winner

Persons interviewed per product & service: at least n=300 personsn

Score based on Product interest:
Question 1: Have you heard of product/service/vendor X?
(Skip answer: This is basically not for me)
Question 2: What features and benefits of X do you like? (Multiple choice)
Question3 : How interesting do you find product/service X? (0 to 5 stars/points)

Minimum score winner (= evaluation score):
0 of 5.0 stars/points