Young target group?!

Young target groups in particular are demanding in terms of how they are addressed and communication channels.
Their influence on brands, media and consumption is significant.

Our analyzes support you in the planning and implementation of your communication measures.
All content is tailored to individual needs.

Analysis of potential and expectations

What potential does the company, the product, the service have for the young target groups?
The analysis provides data and data-based arguments from and for consumers, customers or investors

– What should the (new) product for young target groups look like?
– What USPs and benefits are expected?
– What emotions are aroused?
– Which brand name/branding is appealing?
– Performance vs. label brand?
– Attitudes and opinions (video survey)
– Which competitors are there and which solutions are popular?
– Profile of strengths and weaknesses
– Concrete approaches for communication solutions

Market analysis including trend check

An overview of the activities of competitors and the market is of strategic importance, especially when addressing young target groups. The market analysis provides the relevant insights:

– How are the competitors doing in the segment?
– Are there innovative approaches that are also interesting for your company?
– Which competitors are particularly active?
– Which communication and media are well received by the target group?
– Which possible cooperation partners does the company have?
– Trend check – business and communication

trend dialog

The trend dialogue specifies the external impact, expectations and other important factors within the framework of regular discussions/interviews.

Each age group perceives the communication of a company differently based on their own interests.
The trend dialogue is adapted to the individual requirements and wishes of the company.
It can be conducted in interview or discussion format (including video).